Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Making up for lost time

Sorry folks. First and foremost, my list of excuses.

January was hard for me to draw inspiration from. Amongst friends who were home fanning out once again, I found January to be very spiritual (and also religious) to me. Don't lose me, alright? I'm saving the preaching for you readers. That being said, I will plug my new blog, "A Modern Hindu Perspective," when I make a post that's not from my phone.

It also didn't help staring down the barrel of more than forty days of
unread Engadget.com and Lifehacker.com feeds in Google Reader.

Now, while I don't think I can actually make up for twenty-one posts
(plus seven weekend posts, plus a few more I'm forgetting), I will
attempt to make up for some lost time. I'm aiming for one major post
for each week missed, and a summary post encompassing each of the
missed weekend posts.

Just letting you know I'm still around, and this blog's not dead yet.
You can't outrun real life. Though, you can get pretty close.